Directing : Royal Osiris Karaoke Ensemble (2015-PRESENT)

ROKE is a performance and installation project founded by sound/media artist Tei Blow and painter/sculptor Sean McElroy, described as "a musical priesthood that explores the metaphysics and mythologies of love, desire, and courtship at the end of the 20th century." I am a core creative member of the team, involved in writing, design, engineering, music composition, interactivity, and touring. I do the staging and lighting, and sometimes get to perform as well.

the art of luv part 1 : Elliott

A group meditation on toxic masculinity and commerce.

the art of luv part 5 : Roké cupid

A psychedelic explosion of online dating culture.

...part 6 : awesome grotto!

A cult initiation into the mystery of Basic.

Directing : Tugboat Collective (2012-2015)

Tugboat Collective was a original physical theater company exploring the contradictions between imagination, reality, and the self. I was a founder and co-artistic director. I composed music, choreographed sloppy dances, and developed of all of Tugboat's work; listed here are projects I led.

The what dance

A tragicomic dance farce about accidents.

moon and marble

A CLOWN SHOW! about inheriting the patriarchy.

poor sailor

A suicide-dance adaptation of a very sad comic book.

Directing : CARNEGIE MELLON NEW WORKS (2017-2018)

New plays by members of CMU's MFA Playwrighting class of 2018. I developed the scripts and directed/designed their productions and proceeding tours.

The death of hayden waverly,
the most popular person in the world
by lauren wimmer

A buddy tragicomedy about people who have no buddies.

The fox or the grape?
By Jordan barsky

An Allegheny County eco-drama about family and future.