Once upon a time, a girl was making a home out in the woods somewhere, quietly hiccuping up marbles. Then a boy came along,  and they went off together to the big city looking for answers-- following a mysterious man who seemed to have a going concern with marble-hiccuping. Naturally, things went terribly wrong for the children, and they have to learn how to persist in the face of violence and hardship very, very quickly. Do you let it happen? Do you save yourself? What do you become?

Featuring live music, puppetry, dance, and an extremely improbable system of rope and canvas backdrops, Moon & Marble is a laugh-riot romp through the grassy fields of hell, a trip back to the moment where you decided to be where the violence of the past would end. Or did you?

Created by Eben Hoffer & Liza Curtiss with Tugboat Collective

performed at The Brooklyn Lyceum, NYC 2012

photos by K Chang