the art of lov part 6: awesome grotto!

Awesome Grotto! endeavors to serve all New Yorkers as a site for reflection on the spiritual potential of digital connectivity. The space will be open to the public as an immersive video and sound installation built around the painstaking recreation of a now-lost shopping haul video that was posted to YouTube on Labor Day 2013.

ROKE created this ritual-performance after a five-year long process of studying and recreating one particularly captivating shopping video, resulting in AOL4: Project Peplum. We took those raw materials and framed them as a modern Eleusinian Mysteries, a complex and personal initiation into the secret profundity of products, objects, rebirth, and joy: the cosmic Basic.

I directed the piece, designed lighting and sound, and programmed synchronization between all elements.

Created by Royal Osiris Karaoke Ensemble
With John Gasper, Shea Leavis, and Hyung Seok Jeon
Photos by Maria Baranova