photo by tei blow

photo by tei blow


Eben Hoffer creates high-energy funerals and other events for the stage.

Starting from the premise that theater is always first and foremost a real, tactile experience for an audience, I create secret religious rituals for an era of destabilized identity. We’re living among a resurgence of religious thinking; new religions are blossoming as older models or identity collapse. Some of these movements are curative and some are malevolent. To the extent that they are driven by unconscious longing, none of them are to be trusted. So my mission is to get in front of that longing, and disengage it. I’m here to kill story, and make a valve for this longing for the Real.

Eben has devised performances, made dances, composed scores, invented lighting and video systems, built installations, mixed concerts. Throughout, his work is funny, sad, and makes more problems than it solves. He continues to find new ways for the human body and spirit to communicate, through technologies both meat- and silicon-based.

He is a core member of Royal Osiris Karaoke Ensemble, a musical priesthood devoted to exploring the mythology of love, desire, and courtship in the age of personal recording technology. He was the artistic director of Tugboat Collective (2012-2016), a physical theater group exploring the contradictions between imagination, reality, and the self.